Real Cider
from real cider apples!

Welcome to Wilces Cider

We are a 6th generation family cider maker from Ledbury, Herefordshire - the cider capital of the world!

Genuine Herefordshire Cider Apples.

Unique blends

We have over 34 genuine Herefordshire cider apple varieties to choose from to blend the final cider - each one fermented separately and blended by taste.

As nature intended.


Fruit picked from the trees when it is at its ripest amd naturally fermented with no added yeasts or sugars.

Craft cider at its best.

Refreshingly Traditional

Our process is simple - we pick the apples, wash them, squash them, ferment them, blend them, filter them, pasturise them.

Our Cider Portfolio

Our complete range of Herefordshire craft ciders, apple juices and cider vinegar.
Wilces Draught Cider

Draught Cider

Available in 20litre and 3litre bag-in-box.

Wilces Carbonated Cider


Gently carbonated in both 9 gallon kegs and 500ml glass bottles.

Wilces Apple Juice

Apple Juice

100% pure apple juice available in 10 litre and 3 litre bag-in-box and 250ml glass bottles.

cider bottle
Wilces Range of Premium Ciders

Three separate ranges

4.2% Session, 6% Premium and 7.2% Conniseur single variety

Wilces Cider Vinegar

Cider Vinegar

500ml amd 250ml glass bottles with 100% natural cider vinegar complete with 'mother'

Wilces Range of Premium Ciders

Gift Packs

Three bottles, a branded glass and a cider mat make up this perfect gift.